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Streets of Life ​is a collection culled from Rabbi Kamenetzky's most popular column in AMI magazine, where he opens a window into his life, sharing philosophy and humor through stories and anecdotes. From his upbringing in Woodmere of the turbulent 60s to his years in Philadelphia, Yeshiva, Benai Berak, Israel and Pittsburgh, PA, from earthquakes in Los Angeles to antagonists in St. Louis or doctors in North Carolina, whether it be in a taxi, airport or in a cancer ward,  Rabbi Kamenetzky always has a story and a lesson to learn from anyone he meets or situation he encounters.Packed with personalities from his revered grandfather, Roshei Yeshiva, and poweful politicians to simple taxi drivers and evangelical pastors.  It does not matter where or with whom, there is always a story.  The author’s inimitable style, graced with wit and passion will make you laugh out loud or move you to tears.   No matter the story, no matter the lesson, you will be enthralled by joining his travels on the Streets of Life.  It will be a trip that you do not want to miss.

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Streets Of Life

Reflections on Life's Amazing Journeys and the Paths That Lead There